Goals 1-10


This module will help you lay the groundwork for an early detection program for cognitive impairment. The Goals and Actions related to planning are divided into the three sections below: Start-up, Program parameters, Execution readiness.

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The Goals in this section will help you build your case for early detection and gain support for the program.


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The Goals in this section will help you develop the details of your early detection program, such as operational and logistical components that will guide the development of a program proposal or charter document.

Program Parameters

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The final set of Goals in the planning module will help you mobilize your healthcare team and prepare your teams to execute the program.

Execution Readiness

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Note: It is not critical that these Goals are followed in sequence; the order may vary based on local context.

Following the Goals are potential barriers you may encounter as you plan for implementation and mitigation strategies for addressing these barriers.

Barriers & Mitigation Strategies

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What will this module help me achieve?

At the end of this module, you will have in place what you need to move on to the Implement module, including:

  • A program proposal with a vision, rationale, key components of the program model, and budget;
  • A defined approach to change management, including identifying key champions and stakeholder groups;
  • An approach to funding, including identifying and applying for relevant funding sources; and
  • A plan to hire and train staff on your processes, tools, and workflows.