Goals 11-15


This module will help you deploy the program by building a concrete implementation schedule, integrating tools into clinics, and training staff.

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The Goals in this section will help you implement an early detection program and start screening patients for cognitive impairment.

Program Deployment

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Note: It is not critical that these Goals are followed in sequence; the order may vary based on local context.

Following the Goals, you can read about potential barriers you may encounter as you prepare to implement the program, and mitigation strategies you may use in addressing each barrier.

Barriers & Mitigation Strategies

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What will this module help me achieve?

By the end of this module, your healthcare system should be ready to admit patients, and monitor and evaluate the program’s progress. You will have completed the following:

  • Developed a comprehensive implementation schedule, including hiring, onboarding, and training staff;
  • Set up the workflow to test and improve; and
  • Initiated the program and started assessing patients.