Goals 16-17

Monitor & Evaluate

This module will help you track the program's implementation process and outcomes and cover key steps toward program sustainment.

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The Goals in this section will help you assess the early detection program’s performance and impact, and adjust the program design as needed.

Program Sustainability

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Note: It is not critical that these Goals are followed in sequence; the order may vary based on local context.

Following the Goals, you can read about potential barriers you may encounter as you prepare for evaluating and sustaining the program, and mitigation strategies you may use in addressing each barrier.

Barriers & Mitigation Strategies

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What will this module help me achieve?

By the end of this module, you will understand how to improve the program's implementation through iteration, and be prepared to sustain and scale the program. You will accomplish this by:

  • Executing the monitoring and evaluation plan;
  • Conducting an analysis of gaps in the workflow and mechanisms for improvement; and,
  • Creating a dissemination plan for communicating the progress and impact.